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Potter’s is triple distilled and bottled in San Jose, California. It’s known for being the cheapest Vodka around, and for good reason. This shines through when you gain the courage to actually consume the stuff, as it leaves your wallet in good shape.

Taste | 2.4

Potter’s Vodka assaults your taste buds in a rush of what I can only call unpleasant. It is 80 proof, and unsurprisingly, the alcohol dominates the few flavors you can actually taste. Forget about taking shots with Potter’s, as it literally distorts your face into a scowl. I’ve seen Gym junkies and street fighters cringe after taking a shot of this stuff. If you attempt shots, I highly recommend a chaser and a prayer or two.

Smell | 3.1

A smell can bring a tide of memories and even influence our mood. Smell is a powerful sense that brings both good and bad memories. I wish I had never taken a whiff of Potter’s, as all the memories of drinking it invaded my mind. Besides the obvious, “Vodka smells like rubbing alcohol,” Potter’s holds no other smell that grabs my attention. You always know when someone is drinking Potter’s, as he or she will be alone with the entire party out of smelling distance.

Mixability | 6.4

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opinion, Vodka was made to be mixed. I don’t know of anyone drinking it straight on a warm summer day, or drinking it because it tastes good. Potter’s is no exception to this. The only way to drink it (if you want to remain friends with your liver) is with mixers. The Screwdriver and cranberry vodka are both solid choices, just be sure and keep the Potters on a leash. Potter’s isn’t forgiving if you decide to make a strong mix.

Design | 4.1

One of the many standard designs that’s easy to skip over. It won’t grab your attention, and if you happen to keep your eyes on a bottle of it for more than a few seconds, you’ll quickly realize you didn’t go there to buy this.

Value | 6.9

At around 8 bucks, you can enjoy … well, it will get the job done. Potter’s strongest point is by far the price. If you’re looking to save a few bucks and sacrifice a lot of taste, Potter’s is your vodka. This is literally one of the cheapest vodkas on the market, making it a bum favorite. Next time you’re out and about, look around and you’ll see a bum clutching a bottle of Potter’s.


In a nutshell, Potter’s is the go to if your wallet has taken a hit. A cheap party is better than no party, and Potter’s will do its job. The taste may ward off the crowd looking for a good tasting drink, but for the college scene, it is not a bad choice.

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